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Our Journey to Your Wellness

Welcome to Refresh Thai Spa, a haven where ancient Thai massage traditions blend seamlessly with contemporary relaxation techniques. Our story begins with a deep respect for the healing practices passed down through generations, brought to life in Plano, TX, to offer you a unique escape into wellness. Experience the art of Thai massage as our skilled therapists employ age-old techniques that soothe, rejuvenate, and restore balance to body and mind.

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5 Star Experience

Why Choose Us

At Refresh Thai Spa, our ethos revolves around a comprehensive approach to well-being, focusing on treatments that do more than just relax. They are intricately designed to foster healing, boost circulation, and increase flexibility, making each session a bespoke journey that meticulously aligns with your body's specific needs. This approach ensures a therapeutic experience that delves deep beneath the surface, aiming to unlock and nurture your body's innate healing abilities, while also addressing mental and emotional balance, creating a holistic pathway to wellness that rejuvenates and revitalizes.

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Our Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment is anchored in delivering exceptional service quality, using products of the highest purity, and harnessing the dedication of our therapists. We create an ambiance of tranquility and peace, fostering a space where you can effortlessly disconnect to rejuvenate your spirit. Upon entering our spa, you're welcomed into a transformative journey that nourishes both body and soul, enriched by an ancient connection to wellness traditions, ensuring a holistic experience that rejuvenates, revitalizes, and restores.

What our customers are saying

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What a wonderful experience!

"First time getting a Thai massage, and I have never felt so relaxed in my life! Booking my appointment was easy and convenient. My masseuse, Nikki, was amazing and knew exactly what I needed, and I cannot recommend this place enough. Will be back!!"

- Ashley M

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The best Thai massage....

"Highly recommend real Thai massage in Plano, Who ever looking for losing up muscle tight release tension on your body and relaxation is a plus. With skilled experiences and knowledgeable therapist. Worth it to try."


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Nikki is the best massage therapist I’ve ever had!

"He stretches and does therapeutic massage techniques that relax and relieve neck/back pain. He was professional and gave good care throughout my entire session. I’ve already booked another appointment and plan to become a frequent customer! Thanks again!!"

- V F